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Paypal Refund


Paypal Refund


I purchased a chair from ebay, I then received an email saying the sellers account has had an unauthorised third party have accessed their account, so the chair is no longer available.

I already paid through Paypal, the payment is pending. I opened a case with Paypal resolution centre for a refund but they have closed the case !!!


Please can anyone help I cant get through to Paypal and Ebay just directs me back to Paypal.


Many Thanks



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Re: Paypal Refund



Why did the dispute close? Did you file unauthorized transaction? If so, because technically no one broke in to your PayPal account to make this payment, even though it was reported as unauthorized activity at the seller's eBay account, the PayPal dispute system denied your claim.


You'll need to continue to reach customer service to change the dispute reason to Item Not Received. Have to be really precise when filing a dispute on PayPal, making the right claim, or it gets denied.


If you filed Item Not Received dispute, did the seller provide a tracking number?

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂