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Paypal MSP?


Paypal MSP?

so yesterday i receive paypal msp -$10 and  now today -$5 in my bank what is going on?

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Re: Paypal MSP?



do you know what (Msp) is ? the reason why I ask is because even I don't know

I had to look up what that is & only came up with a few solutions to your problems.


did you anytime get something a service that has a (Subscription)? 

some kind of Monthly payment like a (movie service) example Netflix?

or some kind of Internet service?


follow these steps to contact paypal only if you don't remember so really THINK of what you signed up for

around the web & try these steps below.


#1 login to you account

#2 check & confirm that charge. also collect the (Transaction ID) to provide to Paypal Agent to look into

#3 scroll all the way down & click (contact us)

#4 scroll all the way down & click on (email us)

#5 select (Payment)

#5 select (sending money) or pick something to do with Transaction

#6 write a message in the (message window) & include your (Transaction ID)

#7 click on (send email)


if you can call the agent not sure since your in (Canada) but try & see if you see it to speak with a live agent

follow steps below


#1 login to account

# 2 scroll all the way down click on (contact us)

scroll all the way down & click on (email us) & than do step 3.

#3 scroll all the way down & if you see a (phone number symbol?)

than it means you have the ability to call.

#4 you will get a (confirmation code) for when you call

#5 when calling you punch in the (code) you can put yourself in a Que Box instead of waiting on the phone

#6 you will get the call back & explain to the agent what you are seeing in your Paypal account about that (MSP)

#7 if it's a service? & you don't want it? request to cancel directly talk to the MSP people not Paypal & take the charges as a LOST $

because if you agreed to a monthly or weekly service? than your going to have to pay for it's use. even try to remember if someone

used your Bank Card or Paypal account recently think if anyone used your information to buy something or subscribe to something.


hope all my information helped you friend. if you have anymore questions? don't hesitate to ask & don't forget to use 

the Paypal on your (COMPUTER) & not on the Phone APP that is bad. for better results? use a (COMPUTER)  to find all this out.


hope you find out the problem friend & happy thanksgiving & may you have good karma friend.☺