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Paypal Activity Report Bifurcation


Paypal Activity Report Bifurcation



I am having some issues getting clear report from paypal activity report. I will try my level best to describe my problem.


I have received some payments in USD/AUD from my clients on October 7/8th e.g. USD100 from Client 1, USD300 from Client 2, AUD200 from Client 3 USD400 from Client 4,  USD400 from Client 5, which has been transferred to our bank on 9th October, e.g. Total 800 USD converted in INR and transferred to my bank, now how do I come to know that $800 is clubbed and transferred againsed which client, in other words USD800 Contains which clients i.e. Client 1,2,4 or Client 4,5 or Client 1,2,5.


Please let me know.