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Payments are not in account from playing cash game


Re: PayPal games

I’ve been playing a game called number merge fun and the game is saying that the money had been transferred to my account but yet it is not there it makes no sense.
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Getting money from playing games

So I've cashed out on a lot of games playing on here and have never received any money why is that and most of them has been way over 20 days

My money

U cashed out on a game n it said it was on my card but it's not
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Linking paypal

I have linked my PayPal account to games that give you paypal money into your account. Is there anyone else with this problem?

Getting payment from paypal games.

Has anyone actually received winnings from the PayPal game Shooting All Virus?

Re: Getting payment from paypal games.

I have one money from the game shooting all viruses it says it's in my PayPal account but I have not been able to locate the money the babadook anybody help me with this

Retained money

They also transfer cash prizes from one game to me. They are correct from the site and they regularly transfer their cash prizes, my problem is after the transfer from the site to PayPal from PayPal they keep my money and have money withheld for more than two months. Does anyone know email PayPal addresses to ask them why they keep the money and do not approve it?
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Lenore West Virginia

I play games to win money I have a game that's supposed to send me some money to PayPal will this automatically go into my account or are they something else I need to do this is my first time

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Redeem Cash from game winnings

I have successfully completed 2048 the Card Casual game and it says my money was transferred to my PayPal account, but it can't be located anywhere.


No money

I played a lot of online games an won money.they told me to give them my PayPal information and it's been three weeks no money. What should I do