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Payments are not in account from playing cash game

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Re: mining time

Hi,do you play mining time do they send money or do not want to know if they send money for a try
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Money from games

I have played games on my phone and have won alitte,but, my problem is even though they said they it sent to PayPal account. It isn't there. Is there something that I need to do or am I being fooled by every game I have played? Any help would be appreciated.


I won money off an online game and they told me 72 hrs and I haven't received my money yet

Cash out

How long to receive money from a game that has already been submitted and now it says " Success"?

products and services

I have played many games that say play they'll pay . Block Go , Block Legend , Magic Dice , and a lot more games . If you add up all the money the games owe me , Yes over $10,000 . Some say The money has been transferred into my PayPal account . I go and look there's no money day after day no money . if they say they going to pay they should pay after you have spent hours and days playing their games and watching their commercials. something really needs to be done about this they're taking advantage of people and their time . if anyone knows how I can get my money please let me know .

Tree for money

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My money

I cashed out, first it said processing, then it said pending and now it says successful but nothing showed up in my paypal account. What do I do to get my money?

Re: My money

I also have played numerous games two of them at first said pending and it said processing then it said successful to check my PayPal for my payment I keep checking and there is nothing there one of them says to check my Gmail so I'll look in my Gmail and there's no information there either if anybody has any ideas where this money is then definitely let me know because I cannot find it

Re: Game 2048 card casel

Wow dont forget about the rest of us
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Re: Pop numbers 2048

I have not received either Did you ever get your payments?