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Payments are not in account from playing cash game


Tree for money

Promised my 3 payouts they are still on the gane but saying successfully wgat the hell thats over a week and its in paypal apparently Will i get ny money
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I play games on line for money and I haven't gotten any money from the games and they say that they sent it
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Does anyone know, how to get the deposits from the games. It says it was successful N making the deposit. Yet I can't find it or no one 2 chk. How do I resolve this matter

Amount of time to receive money

Does anyone know how long it takes before I see money posted in my account after I win gaming money and it states "been transferred to my PayPal account". ? Thanks
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Game winnings posting to PayPal...

     A game that I have been playing for quite a while has finally reached the succeeded status in transferring my funds to my PayPal. But in hindsight I believe the first time Cashing Out in this game I gave my email address that is linked to my Paypal account. My question is should I have provided the PayPal address given to me when I created my account? Such as;


    If anyone knows what to make of this, please let me know. Thanks all, and my hopes are that this may end up helping people, facing the same dilemma.  


No Prize money.

I have been playing games on the Google play ap now since Nov. 2020 I have cashed in over $7,000.00 in prize money It is supposed to be paid through PayPal. I have been on to Google and they said to get on to Pay Pal. I have not received a cent of my prize money and was wondering why? all they ask for is your Pay Pal email address. That is only until the end of Dec there is another over $10,000 since the end of Dec. No one can give me any answers. I was wondering if there were any settings that were not right on my account.

Games Include   Block Time

Money Tree

1010 Blocks

2248 conn.

Solitaire All.

There are two Solitaire games that will not go past redeem.

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My money

I won money playing an online game the game ask for my email linked to my PayPal account now it's saying the money has been transferred to my account but I don't see it it's not there. Anybody have any idea where it might be?
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Gaming app funds

So I have funds due me from gaming apps. Where do I look for them and what must I do if they werent posted?
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Paypal community

How can I find and get 😫 the money I won from the online games.


Hi there am not getting paid on tree for money not happy