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Payments are not in account from playing cash game


My cash out

Hi I was wondering what happened to my winning money i cash out from 2048 cards and its said already transferred to my PayPal account and its nothing coming through
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my winnings have not loaded into my b paypal account

Will I get my winnings??

Re: Didn't receive block go game winnings

I also didn't receive $1600 from block go game just wasted 4 hours watching adds there's only one winner here block go getting paid  selling adds 🙄 🤔 😉



I have been playing games in lieu of thinking I was getting paid are these fraudulent companies it even recognized my PayPal account when I put my name says pending for last week supposedly it said it would take 71hours to please


I’ve been playing since last year cashed out 3 times verified my email etc and still didn’t receive a dime jus cashed out again for 1,000 guess my next step is getting my lawyer involved because this is TERRIBLE and false advertisement somebody better do something LIKE NOW
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Payment Issue

Hello, I made transaction of $200 from a mobile game, the message has been delivered to me that your money has been transferred to given PayPal email ID but still I didn't get into my account. It's more than seven working days. Kindly informed me about the issue.

Thank you.



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Playing online games the pay

Do the online games that you win money with PayPal is that real or fake
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Missing money

I won $3100 in super dice and the cash isn't in my account and it has said it was added successfuly. I have not received the cash at ALL.

i need help

I got news of a game you play and Paypal will pay you for it my friend did it and he got paid but mine is not showing anyone who can help 

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Why? ?use the paypal name and Adds. In the fake game. Why aloud this parmision with by paypal. Why not bend adds in the fake games adds paypal name.. ??? Whyyyyy? ???????