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Payments are not in account from playing cash game

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Online game cashoutis

How do I get my payouts from my online games if the developer isn't responding to my emails
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Do the games that say you won money are they real


Can anyone tell me how to get my money from games to paypal
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Why not recive money paypal games In my PayPal wallet

I did not receive my money from Golden Bubble Sort.

Re: Account on PayPal please help me

Hey playing more than one year games and I win a lot of money I never received money and people don't know please I need help to make I need help to make my people working properly I buy online and it will filter Christmas where I brought it from I really don't want to come in please can you see it looking what is wrong I pay pal it is more than 36 games I play and I never receive one thing please people can you help me to sort this problem out and let we go on and make money on games and buy more things online and they were I want some prices on Amazon but never received anything like cell phones iPads what what's there and never get something

payment of 200 doll

trying to figure out how im supposed to recieve a oayment. through my email to my pay pal acct from the game 1010


Hi I'm playing this game where I can get PayPal money in my account, it isn't showing up on my recent game plays or how much I'm getting, there's supposed to be about $800 go in what can I do

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Have been able to cash out now several times but it’s been more than 15 days and still no winnings in PayPal. How do these games use PayPal Logo and get away with not paying as advertised?

Help me

Where is my winning of real money on lone games

How do i get

How do I get my winnings from PayPal from my games how long does it take the money to be transferred into your Paypal account