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Payments are not in account from playing cash game



I was playing a online game called magic dice. When I got to the PayPal page it said the website was shut down do to legal issues but I know the game is still active because my husband is playing it to and he cashed out



  • Transfer games earning to PayPal account

Getting money from games

I have been playing these cash games and some says that money have been successfully put in my PayPal but so far nothing can anyone help

tree for money

i used to claimed or redeem cashout on my app..but it inly shows i really recived it and send tomy account..
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I have been waiting for 2 months for money from a game what do I do
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I won some money

I need a help

Payments from online games balance

How do I authorize PayPal to accept payments from online games that I have played and a payment balance that needs to be deposited into my Pay Pal account?


Re: 2048 card game

Same! i haven't get the money that i won,they not send the money that i win into my paypal account, i think the game is scammer maybe...

Re: 1010! Block Fun

Id love to know how you figured that out! I'm desperately waiting 😫

Block Go game play if you have a PayPal account

How do I receive money from a PayPal games.