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PaymentTracking PaymentOnHold


PaymentTracking PaymentOnHold

I sent money from Australia to a person and he received the money in Philippines Pesos. Money is on hold and no product delivery is involved. Money is for services. How to remove the hold and ensure that the person gets it asap? TIA
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Re: PaymentTracking PaymentOnHold



The new seller hold applies to goods OR services.

So you sent it the correct way unless you were sending a 'gift' of money to a close mate or a family member.


If its marked as completed in your Paypal account then you have paid. The fact its pending on the SELLERS end is between them and paypal as they are new sellers.
Funds are held for 21 days BUT released more quickly if they provide a tracking number (delivery + 1 day).

However if they mark the transaction as processed then you 'may' get an option on your side to confirm receipt, if you do and use it then funds may be released to them more quickly, not guaranteed though.

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