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Payment transfer issue

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Payment transfer issue

Hi there

I want to ask if seller has payapl and buyer has no paypal but only mastercard as paypal don't support in buyer country. How can seller receive payment from buyer in their paypal account?

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Re: Payment transfer issue



The buyer should have the option to just pay with card. When they click to pay with PayPal, the PayPal log in page should have a grey button for paying with just debit or credit card under the PayPal log in fields. I'm under the impression all PayPal accounts are able to accept payments with PayPal account optional now by default.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Payment transfer issue

Hi @Sam230,


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If the buyer is in a country where our services are not available yet they will have difficulties even making a guest payment as explained by Sharpiemarker. As the MasterCard is probably linked an address in the country they reside in.