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Payment processing on eBay


Payment processing on eBay



I recently bought an item amounting to nearly £900 on eBay - the money has been taken out of my account and has been paid through PayPal, but the seller is saying he has not received the funds or notification from PayPal. I have spoken to eBay directly and they have informed me that the transaction has gone through however because of the amount that has been paid, the payment is likely to be put on a hold by PayPal. 


I have been back and forth with the seller and can tell he is beginning to get very agitated by the numerous calls from myself - I'm unsure as to what to do at this moment in time as I want the item. Should I contact the seller again and explain that the payment has been put on hold? Should he still send the item? I can't get through to anyone on Paypal customer service to see what the issue is at hand.