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Payment not posting in Balance

New Community Member

Payment not posting in Balance

Hi There!
Recently, I haven't been using my US paypal account.  I was in the process of closing it out, when I realized I hadn't removed/changed one of my automatic deductions for an app.  This brought my US paypal balance into the negative, so I transfered money from my Norwegian paypal account.  Which posted just fine.  However, I hadn't properly planned for the conversion of NOK to USD so I was short $0.15.  I transfered $0.15, but it's been a week and it still shows a negative balance on my US account even though my Norwegian account reflects that the $0.15 has been sent.

Basically, I'm concerned that I'll be hit with a negative balance fee from paypal before I can lay my US account to rest.

Thanks for letting me howl my worries into the void of this internet space.  Likely, I will try again to catch the opening hours for tech support.  I just felt this issue needed to be documented somewhere in space and time. Be well, fellow time travelers.