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Payment Received (by me) In Error - Wrong Recipient


Payment Received (by me) In Error - Wrong Recipient

I just received a payment from stranger to me with a message, "this is for my purchase of ______ sneakers." The sender paid $250.00 into PayPal, whereas PayPal deducted $11.30 as a fee and placed $238.70 into my account. I want to refund this port sot his money, but I'm not interested in eating $11.30 along the way. This is his error, not mine. I've no desire to profit from his mistake, nor do I expect to suffer a loss out of kindness. My attempt to open a Resolution Center claim re: this resulted in a message telling me to "contact the seller." When I start a refund, it's not clear to me that the $11.30 fee will also be refunded (so no loss to the buyer and no loss to me). 


How will this work if I just issue a refund?


Re: Payment Received (by me) In Error - Wrong Recipient

Hello @SoonerLater, I'm sorry to hear you've received a payment you did not expect to receive. I can understand how that can be a bit concerning. With our most recent update, the refund would be completed and the fee would not be reversed. You're welcome to discuss this further with our Customer Support by clicking Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website, and Twitter or Facebook.  Thank you for reaching out to us via our Community Forum. 


 - Jon K

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