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Payment Problems

New Community Member

Payment Problems

Hello I am currently having problems with payment whenever I try to pay using paypal my payment keeps declining, I've connected my bank account is my default way of payment I'm confused as to why this may be happening m is it a problem within paypal please let me know, thanks.

PayPal Employee

Re: Payment Problems

Hi @anumsyed99 

Welcome to community and thank you for the post. I am sorry to know your unable to make payments via PayPal account. I would request you to please use desktop or laptop. Ensure you clear cookies and cache, try alternative browser. I would also request you to make the payment using your card. If you have no card added on your account and want to proceed paying with your bank account and if you end up with the same error. I would request you to contact us via help center so we can assist you better. I hope this helps! 

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Re: Payment Problems



Have you had a failed bank transfer or negative balance at all recently?

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