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Payment Pending - Sellers Mistake

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Payment Pending - Sellers Mistake

Won eBay item. Paid straight away. All my details are correct. Seller then contacts me later to request payment, l explain l've paid. Check my PayPal, it says payment pending. Turns out seller has put wrong email in his seller details for payment. I can't cancel payment at my end and seller isn't clued up on how to do it from his end and has given me a different (correct) email address for new payment which l'm not sending until this is sorted out. Payment amount is small and l don't believe there's anything untoward about the seller but I'm still wary about sending more money to his "correct" account. Tried eBay and PayPal help section and got nowhere. PayPal redirects me to eBay resolution and the eBay section is irrelevant and not helpful to my situation. Anybody got an idea how to sort this? Believe seller is genuine but not clued up on being a seller or typing properly.
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Re: Payment Pending - Sellers Mistake



If its pending /unclaimed with a cancel option then cancel it.

If its pending or pending/unclaimed withOUT a cancel option then if not claimed by the seller it will time out 30 days post payment. 

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