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Payment Declined On Facebook

New Community Member

Payment Declined On Facebook

I tried making payment on Facebook ads using Paypal and the message sent to me was "Sorry, we weren’t able to set up preapproved payments at this time." However, when I make any payment using my Paypal account on another platform such as amazon or buy a domain online, it goes through. What could be happening?


Re: Payment Declined On Facebook

Hi Versi, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member!


Please ensure you have a credit/debit card added and confirmed on your PayPal account in order to complete the preapproved payment set up with Facebook. 


Amazon does not accept PayPal as a payment processor. 


- Siobhan 

New Community Member

Re: Payment Declined On Facebook

I tried to add my paypal account to facebook several times and I was able to log into paypal from facebook ads account trying to use my Paypal account first then add my credit card as 2nd form of payment and I have the credit card added on mypaypal account to but then it goes through the process then gets back to facebook ads account and says my Paypal account was declined. I've tried to add this at least 10 times or more in 3 days and it wont let me. I tried to call your company 2 days and once your automotive system verifies me and tells me to wait the system drops the call immediately. I tried to call 8-10 times in 2 days and the customer service number drops EVERY single time. Can't reach anyone by phone because the automotive service keeps verifying me then telling me to wait for next available agent then dropping the call hanging up every single time for over 2 days. I looked on google and others are complaining about it too. I hope they do something about the customer service line dropping because what good is having a line that you can't reach anyone even with being able to wait for someone to answer the phone with long wait time is better than call dropping. The online system and phone system clearly has bugs in it that need to be fixed.