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PayPal taking money out of my bank!


PayPal taking money out of my bank!

I gave a friend money, to help him out and my bank statement said that it had took the money out then a few days later PayPal had took another sum of money out and now left me to pay because I’m in my overdraft, someone help me please
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Re: PayPal taking money out of my bank!



PayPal can't know whether you have enough funds in your bank account for your payments. It can only check your PayPal balance for sufficient funds, and  uses your bank account if there are insufficient funds in your PayPal account. The bank payment process can't be stopped as it is automated, even if you added funds to your PayPal balance or get a refund from the recipient. So your best bet is to put funds in your account to cover the overdraft fees and the amount of the payment.


If PayPal put through a duplicate payment of your personal payment, then ask your friend to refund the duplicate payment. 

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