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PayPal's Direct Debit


PayPal's Direct Debit

I have been charged every month for the past 5 months from PayPal's direct debit and I have tried many ways to stop it, such as removing my card from PayPal and trying to change it in the payments setting, but I couldn't find anything there except for the automatic payments which lead me to nothing as I hadn't set up any automatic payments, and it also didn't let me access the 'manage funding sources' tab as an error shows up when I try to enter there.


I have been charged every month for the past 5 months when I had only used PayPal once to send a single transaction of $5. the amount they charge has also increased every couple of months with it being £2.99 and now it being £6.99.


I want to know how to completely stop these payments from happening because I don't even use PayPal a lot so there is no reason for me to be paying any kind of fee, if anyone can help that would be very appreciated.



Re: PayPal's Direct Debit

Hi @VinxLxy,


Thank you for your post and welcome tot he Community Forum. 


In general, if you log into your PayPal Credito account and you download your statement, you should be able to see a breakdown of payments you made, and repayments completed. If you still have questions, please contact our Customer Service directly


I hope this helps.