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PayPal payment

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PayPal payment

Hi I have paid for an item on eBay and the payment has cleared my bank account. The seller is refusing to send as it is still showing as pending on her PayPal I don’t know what to do to get my item

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Re: PayPal payment



If its marked as completed in your Paypal account then you have paid. (If not then post back with what it does say next to the transaction in your paypal account).


So if completed the fact its pending on the SELLERS end is between him and paypal as he is a new seller.
He is supposed to send your item promptly (trackable to prove delivery) and then his funds are released when tracking shows the item as DELIVERED + 3 days.

Tell him if he refuses to send then you would have to file a dispute for 'non receipt of item' and that would impact on his paypal account as such an early seller and the time the 'new seller hold' lasts would be extended OR he may not be allowed to sell..

Send him this link.
Ebay sales.

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Re: PayPal payment



No!! don't do that I never did that!! I sold on Ebay!! tell him or her that they are (VIOLATING) EBAY POLICY & PAYPALS!!. Report it to Ebay now!!


she or He the Seller has no!! right!! you paid for it & she has to ship!! I did that if he or she don't have money? to ship it that could be the Problem but they are VIOLATING the TERMS Contact Ebay now!! I'm also a Seller there & you DON'T do that!!.


prepare the messages of what you got from the seller & prepare to file you can't get a bad feedback from what you are told & make sure you call a EBAY Agent that is VIOLATING the TERMS of AGREEMENT I have Read the Policy of both Ebay & Paypal.


Policies Matter they are not (DECORATIONS)  the Ebay Seller is violating the Terms tell them to ship now!! or find another Seller with the same Item & they have MONEY already to ship be prepared to Cancel that order but in order for that to work? you should call Paypal as well just to everything get's confirmed only if the Seller (DOES NOT SHIP) 


the Seller might be New that's why the money is on Hold from Paypal make sure it don't clear. it can only clear after the Seller ships & you get the item He or She is not the Boss of your MONEY!! hope that helps.😉