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PayPal not being able to complete my payment.


PayPal not being able to complete my payment.

So I made a paypal account around 3 days ago, I recieved money which I was going to send to a friend of mine, until... this error popped up: 

We're sorry, we weren't able to complete your payment right now. Please try again later.

If you continue to encounter problems, please contact Customer Service.


I tried later on again is well and it the error kept on popping up.

I looked through community pages for this, and followed all solutions which didn't work, I looked at why my payment may not be succesful and did all the steps I could, yet nothing has happend. I am from the UK (meaning I can pay as friends or family) and it strangely only occurs when I select the option "Sending to a friend or to a family."

I attempted paying for an item or service and somehow that processed through but when I tried to pay through sending to a friend or to a family it would show the error shown above. 

Please could someone help as I have been stuck with this error for days now, Thanks.

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Re: PayPal not being able to complete my payment.



Is the f/f person in the UK same as you or another country?

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