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PayPal express check out history gone

New Community Member

PayPal express check out history gone

Hi All


I have trouble matching the online sales history and PayPal income history.. could anyone help me out on this matter??


I'm working for a company which runs an online store via Shopify. and according to the sales transaction in online shop, there was sales in 2020 March stated as ### placed this order on Online Store (checkout # 111111111111). A $ 90.00USD payment was processed on PayPal Express Checkout. and the order was confirmed.


On the other hand, when I checked the PayPal history transactions in PayPal site, there were no transactions in that date and time...


and one more weird thing is.. as you can see below, status was success.. but

Order #1009  Authorization key Message Success Amount $90.00 Gateway PayPal Express Checkout Status success Type sale Created Mar 28, 2020, 2:17 pm

Information from the gateway said fales... this status is the reason for the no history on the PayPal site??  Please help me out.. I don't know where to start..


Timestamp 2020-03-28T05:17:29Z Ack Success Correlation Version 124 Build 54383257 Token Transaction Transaction type cart Payment type instant Payment date 2020-03-28T05:17:27Z Gross amount 90.00 Gross amount currency USD Tax amount 0.00 Tax amount currency USD Payment status Pending Pending reason unilateral Reason code none Protection eligibility Ineligible Protection eligibility type None Success page redirect requested false Token Paymentinfo Transactionid Transactiontype cart Paymenttype instant Paymentdate 2020-03-28T05:17:27Z Grossamount 90.00 Taxamount 0.00 Paymentstatus Pending Pendingreason unilateral Reasoncode none Protectioneligibility Ineligible Protectioneligibilitytype None Successpageredirectrequested false