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PayPal Transaction


PayPal Transaction

Someone recently sent me $900 on PayPal, I got an email after that I would only receive it when I linked the shipping number. It didn’t pop up on my PayPal account, and now PayPal is saying that he had to send me $1100 to make my account business. The sender sent $1100. It says I can’t get my money until I send him $1100 back.. I don’t have $1100 in my account to send back. This is just a mess. I called their line and it basically hung up on me. I already shipped out the thing, and I’m worried I won’t get any money since I can’t pay back this $1100 I wasn’t told about until now.
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Re: PayPal Transaction



They encourage you to accept a direct Paypal payment and may ask you to send the item internationally.
No funds or activity of the transaction shows in your Paypal account and any emails may go into your junk/spam folders.

You will get/got a "fake" email that looks as though it is from isn't because they don't have a Paypal account and have no intention of paying you.
It will say the buyer has paid won't have been paid.
They will tell you that the payment is released when you provide paypal with a tracking/shipping number......this won't happen.

Once you have become a victim they may try again with more fake Paypal emails with other reasons that you must send them a payment for custom fees / to verify, expand or upgrade an account.

Paypal NEVER tell you to send an item before the payment is showing in your paypal account.
Paypal do not tell you to send trackable, they advise it for selling protection but it is not compulsory.
Paypal NEVER expect you to send money to receive money or to do anything account related ie verification etc.

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