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PayPal Checkout wont authenticate my account

New Community Member

PayPal Checkout wont authenticate my account

I have been trying to pay for items online using PayPal as payment method and about 2 months ago the PayPal api stopped authenticating my details. Every time i try to log in it tells me that my user name or password is incorrect (it isn't) and only allows me to reset the password. I do this, and try to authenticate  again and it will never log me in. 


I can log into the PayPal website and app with no issues, there is nothing wrong with my account or password, but I can not use my details for checkout.


I have tried different browsers (Safari, chrome, firefox, edge) Windows and Mac and even with my phone.  It happens across all retailers and Im becoming incredibly frustrated. PayPal also does not have a way to contact them currently. Just refers me back to the help forums!