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PayPal Account Optional not working


PayPal Account Optional not working


I want my customers to be able to pay with their credit/debit cards without having to make a PayPal account. I have PayPal Account Optional enabled in my selling options but when I go to checkout, I see that I need to log in... Please help me, this has been driving me crazy for a few weeks and I'm trying to find a solution... I already talked with every customer service and they said I need to enable PayPal Account Optional... I did it but it still wants me to make an account to be able to pay.


Re: PayPal Account Optional not working

Hi @MTKP_store,


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues getting Guest Checkout established on your site, but I'd be happy to help. It can depend on how you set up your button or checkout to begin with (i.e. using a third-party shopping cart versus a button created through your PayPal account), but you may be seeing a different experience than your other customers. Most likely you're seeing the checkout default to logging in because the cache and cookies of your browser recognize that you've logged into an account before. If customers have never logged into PayPal before or if they have a new cache session, it should give them the option to either login or checkout as a guest. I'd recommend reaching out to us through either Facebook or Twitter, or you can always go to the bottom of any PayPal page and click "Help" or "Contact."