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Once more about conversion


Once more about conversion

Recently decided to buy on Ebay via PayPal, I have usd card, added it to PayPal. Looked how to make it to be listed as USD card in PayPal, found an instruction: .
Wrote a message on 29th of June, till now I have no answer and reaction. On 6th of July made a purchase on Ebay, PICKED the USD currency on Ebay (I made new screenshots to explain how)





and surprisingly even after these manipulations was charged in my national currency from my USD card. Due to this error spent like 7-8% more on my purchase, can't imagine how could it happen with such big service. Is there a way to make my card USD for 100% in PayPal? Do you think it's ok? I would say PayPal is fooling people.



Re: Once more about conversion

Hey Letters_numbers, 


Thank you for posting in our Community. 

I understand you have questions about the currency. If you have a USD card but a UK PayPal account, for example, you would need to contact us so that we can change the Currency that is linked to your card. 

When you add the card your local currency would be selected. This means that we will charge the card in that currency. If the card has a different currency we can manually adjust this for you. this way your card would be charged in that currency. 


You can contact us if you click one the 'Help & contact' link at the bottom of each page.