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Not receiving donations etc via Twitch


Not receiving donations etc via Twitch

Hi, I am a Twitch streamer and have had subscribers and people donate to my channel which should be going to my paypal account.

The details on twitch are correct, however each time I check my paypal account it would appear I never received anything. Twitch states that donations via paypal will build up in a pot on my paypal account and once it reaches £100 I can then access it. However my account says I have never received anything.


Going by recent subscriptions and donations people have given, I should have over £50 currently available and I am worried paypal is pocketing the money and stating I have not received anything. After checking with the people who donated etc, they have all stated the money has come out of their account. So I am unsure what is happening? I've checked my own bank account and can confirm nothing has been transfered to my bank. So the issue seems to be with paypal. I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on the issue and explain why there is a problem and how to fix it?


Thanks for your time