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No account with this email??

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No account with this email??

Hello community,

I have been trying to sell some things on ebay and now that I have sold an item I cannot see the money in my bank. 
Now, I have had to set up a 2nd Paypal account because I think they blocked my other account - this is another issue I have no idea why??
I have received an email from Paypal (not the email linked with the paypal acc. I am currently writing from), telling me I have received payment. But no money in the bank.

When I follow the link in the browser saying 'claim the payment' it takes me to the login screen. When I try to log in with that account, and then request password help, it then tells me there is no existing account with the email that I just followed the link from??

I would like to access the money that I have been paid. And also to be able to use services like ebay, because currently I can't because I can't access my money. And it just seems totally totally unfair since paypal is the only option nowadways to receive payment for ebay!

Please please can someone help me
Many thanks,


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Re: No account with this email??



Payment would go to the email address you have listed on your AUCTION.

Go to ebay and click on 'sell' put in anything (as you aren't going to actually list anything) until you get to the main page > scroll down near the bottom and where it says payment methods check the email address that is on that page, is there a spelling mistake or old one?

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