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New validation for Money received

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New validation for Money received


I'm from Venezuela but I created my PayPal account many years ago when there wasn't local registering for PayPal in my country. So I associated my address as a Relative's Address of mine, and linked the account with an US bank account that I opened as well.


I've been using this account with NO problems so far. But now, when I received money from a service invoice I got a message in the Summary level indicating "Money is waiting for you", with the invoice's amount and an "Accept the money" button.


When I click this button, PayPal asked me to enter several personal data they had to validate. Among these there was the last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN).


As I have no SSN, I couldn't fill that field and obviously I coudn´t get my money.


How I could solve this kind of problem?  I have another PayPal account opened from Venezuela and associated with another email, but I never have used it. Will be There  a way to move my money to that account?


Please, any suggestion will be helpful.


Best Regards,


Florencio Muguerza


Re: New validation for Money received

Hi @muguerzov!


There have been some recent changes in US Federal regulations that now require PayPal to verify our customer's identity when they want to hold a PayPal balance. You should be given the option to withdraw the money to your US bank if that bank account is still active. If it is not, then I would advise that you contact our customer service to request that the money be sent to your Venezuelan PayPal account and assist you in transitioning from using the US account to the Venezuelan one. To do this, please follow the Help & Contact link at the bottom of the page, or you can also reach us on Facebook or at @AskPayPal on Twitter.  


I hope this helps and thank you for joining the Community!



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