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Need advice, Digital river unauthorized pay, how to tighten security?


Re: Digital river Ireland

Thanks for that... I know I haven’t set up any auto renews so I’ve been in touch 2 twice with them now and no reply so I’ve email a different address this time do hopefully something will get done. So annoying that PayPal agree to this!!
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Re: Digital river Ireland



Digital river is an ecommerce payment company. They don't fraudulently take your money. They partner with companies like Samsung, Microsoft, razr, McAfee, avast, etc. If you buy from those websites, your charge may show up as from digital river. They also handle subscriptions. A lot of times what happens is people accept a free trial for a product, like anti virus, and forget to cancel and it auto renews. Be careful what you are accepting Again...Digital river just handles the orders and payments submitted by partner companies.

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