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My payment

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My payment

Hi, I basically need big help I sold something on eBay and bay sent a payment to an account under my other email address however there is no PayPal account linked to that email I spoke to eBay they told me contact the customer I have not had any luck contacting the buyer I was then told speak to PayPal and I am really stuck please help me
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Re: My payment



Ebay would have sent the payment to the email address YOU added on your auction so.......

Go to ebay and click on 'sell' put in anything (as you aren't going to actually list anything) until you get to the main page > scroll down near the bottom and where it says payment methods check the email address that is on that page, is there a spelling mistake or old one?

If you still own that email address then add it and confirm it on your paypal account and the funds should come with it, you can have up to 8 email addresses on the one paypal account and accept payments on all of them.

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