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My payment won't go trough

New Community Member

My payment won't go trough

As PP customer support is a bunch of idiots which can't even read what is the post about and answering only by a copy & paste messages, the community has to do their work for them.


I am trying to pay on Ebay goods for ~3000EUR and the payment gets always denied. I tried paying via Ebay portal, I had the merchant sending me the request directly to my PP and PP always denies the transaction. The PP customer service rejects to tell me why. The smaller test payments I tried with my friends go through with no problem.

I have tried to link a CC, bank account or even transfer the desired money on my PP account. Rejected every time.

Those idiots on customer service told me to try to go to another country to pay or try again later. 🙂 I have been trying for last 14 days. 🙂


Anyone with some idea what can I do?