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My checking account has been blocked

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My checking account has been blocked

Don't have a phone to call cause I need to kink my checking account in order to pay the monthly bill ... because the amount was typed in wrong they've completely blocked my account to from getting set up. Need help


I'm able to link my savings, but I'm charged 5 dollars per transaction and don't want to use that account. I keep getting a message to contact pay palm but I'm not exactly in that position as I need to pay my bill. This is a bit too extreme for my liking, thunk I'll juse get a. Debit visa!

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Re: My checking account has been blocked



Looks like your choice is to either get a Visa debit card or pay with your saving accounts for this particular month's bill. Then call PayPal to reset the checking account so you can confirm it again. Account gets blocked if you entered the amounts incorrectly a couple of times for security reasons. No one in the forums has access to others' accounts.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂