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My Payment were declined but my Account was debited


My Payment were declined but my Account was debited

Good day, i made a payment on fiverr through paypal. The transaction was declined and to my greatest suprised my Bank debited me for d transaction. The transaction is not in my paypal activity and neither did fiverr confirm the payment. Also, up till now i havent been refunded either. Please what is happening.?
PayPal Employee

Re: My Payment were declined but my Account was debited

Hi @Kevten


TThank you for your patience. Though our response times may be delayed, please be assured we’re here. 


Regarding your question, since the transaction ia not reflecting on your Paypal activity and it isnt with fiverr either, I highly suggest that you communicate with your bank so that they can file a dispute on your behalf. They could help you out in trying to locate the transaction. 


Hope this helps. Please stay safe!

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Re: My Payment were declined but my Account was debited

I have the exactly the same issue currently.

My account was debited but the payment was declined. It showed as declined in the notification center of Paypal and it said that it can take few days for it to be reflected in my bank account. Now even the notification is gone from the notification center so I cannot refer to it.  Nothing was reverted back. And the bank charges a fee to initiate an investigation. Who is going to pay this fee? It sounds like a common problem that Paypal has faced before. So should not you guys initiate the investigation? It shows on my bank account that the payment is for Paypal.

Otherwise why would I continue using paypal if you cannot solve a problem with money. That is the core of your business and that is the core for the trust relationship between you and us.

On top of that I try to get hold of someone to speak with from Paypal but even your message center is down. Or at least that is the error message I receive when I try to inform you about the problem so I had to come to tell you about it. This is ridiculous.