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Money refund after pressing the button "item received"


Money refund after pressing the button "item received"

Hello, I hope somebody could help me with this. I was supposed to rent a flat in Canada while being in another country. After I found an owner, we agreed that I pay half through PayPal. So, first she asked to pay with an option Family and friends, but I payed with an option of Goods and Services. After I sent a payment, she asked to press the button "item received", which i did. However, when I arrived to Canada, she didn't appear, and now I'm trying to get my money back. I opened a case, but not surprisingly, she does not answer. Is there any possibility to get money back? I sent money 5th of August 2018. I'm just worried that it was a huge mistake to press a confirmation button, can it be a problem with getting a refund?

Would be grateful for any help or advice. 

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