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Money not coming in the paypal account


Money not coming in the paypal account

Now that Paypal will be shut from the 1st of April. I won't be getting any money from the international company at all. I have been using Paypal for almost three years now. In 2019, in the UK there was no problem at all for me. I love PayPal more than the other programs and helps me to pay for my phone bills, food and clothing. I want PayPal to still remain in the market, even if there is Paytm, google pay or any other programs because I don't use these programs on my mobile, I'm having a problem installing these programs. I only use amazon and Paypal a lot. I'm afraid here once PayPal closes completely there will be no money for me, I will be a handicap forever without money in my bank. Please don't shut down. Is there any other programs where I can get my money through PayPal, can someone tell me please this urgent and important for me, before I fail to get my money in my account. I'm struggling for money during covid and I'm afraid to go for work because of my sick parents.

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Re: Money not coming in the paypal account



For e-wallets try Freecharge, Mobikwik


For accepting payments:


They have payment links, invoices etc.


Do more research, you only got 2 months to transition. The internet is at your finger tips.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂