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Mobile confirmation following a purchase

New Community Member

Mobile confirmation following a purchase

Not too sure if I am being scammed or not but for the first time following a purchase on eBay I received a text asking me: [PayPal] Did you pay $898.00 AUD to Dyson Appliances (Australia) Pty Ltd on 12 December 2019? Reply 1 if yes or 2 if no. [Reply Needed] Is this legitimate? Should I reply or ignore it? I tried to call the number but the voicemail said I could only text. The number is 0458 729 725

Re: Mobile confirmation following a purchase

Hello @CHRISTIE9113


It is possible that we contacted you by text message or through an automated call.


To verify if the message you received is really from PayPal, log in to your PayPal account securely by typing into your browser's address bar and go to your Resolution Center. Your Resolution Center will contain information on any account issues we may have contacted you about.


If you receive a suspicious text message or call, do not provide your personal or financial information, and do not click on any links.
If you provided personal or financial information, change your password and security questions immediately, and report the incident to your bank and card issuer.