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Missing Payment

Missing Payment

Hello, my two friend sent me some money so i can purchase some items online. One of my friends sent me a payment of $25.00 which had a fee of $1.03 totaling to $23.97. He sent me another $2.00 to make up for the fee. This transaction shows in my completed transactions but did not add to my balance. My other friend sent me $10.00 which had no fee. This transaction shows in my balance totaling in $33.97 in my balance. That same friend sent another $20.00 which shows as a completed transaction but is not in my balance. 


Friend One:    +$23.97
Friend One:    +$2.00

Friend Two:    +$10.00

Friend Two:    +$20.00

All are shown under "Completed" although my balance is only $33.97


My balance before any of the money was sent was $0.00