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Missing Funds

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Missing Funds

Please help. It's been a month already. I ordered an item from Sephora to be given as a Christmas gift to my friend to the States. This was cancelled because they don't accept orders with different addresses (as in who ordered and to whom it will be delivered). I contacted Sephora, and they told me they would cancel within 1-7 and that Paypal should stop withholding the money they got from my bank account once the order has cleared. IT HAS BEEN A MONTH and I come to check my Paypal and my money is nowhere to be seen. I can no longer see the pending balance status nor find any trace of what happened to my money. Customer service doesn't seem to be userfriendly in this site and calling abroad is not an option for me at the moment. Is there any way I can e-mail them personally or does anyone have an explanation or solution as to how I can retrieve my money? It was a little over $20 so I'm irritated especially since this is my first time to do Paupal transactions.

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Re: Missing Funds



When you pay a company (rather than an ebay seller or individual), then it is often pending until that company processes your order and captures the pending payment.
If they don't process that order and capture the pending payment then the pending status times out at 30 days post-payment and is released back to your funding source.

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