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Missed spelt email address problem


Missed spelt email address problem

So my cousin sent me money via friends and family on Jan 1 I thought oh well it’s coming from another country and they most likely had to transfer fund into PayPal so that’s why it’s not showing. 

Well a few days later we followed up and figured out they miss typed my email address by one letter in between my first and last name.  So we got on the phone to PayPal and asked for help we kept getting referred to the help section in PayPal how to deal with requesting refunds told to email the incorrect email address and request refund. Well we have tried everything called PayPal twice emailed them a ton of time sent Facebook messages screenshot of the transaction with the transaction number. And have still not gotten assistance in resolving this small but very large error.  The last message I got from PayPal on Facebook was personal payments are not intended for purchase well it seams to me that PayPal either doesn’t train their employees to their fullest or there’s a miss communications  or is it just because they can sit with the funds in a account somewhere and gain interest what happens to unclaimed funds? PayPal can’t even tell us the status of the transaction we can’t tell what the status is either. 

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Re: Missed spelt email address problem



If the funds are Pending/Unclaimed with a cancel button, the sender can cancel. If not, then they'll have to wait 30 days before the payment is returned automatically.




Please take time to read the various topics in the Help Center, its really the owners manual for your PayPal account.

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Re: Missed spelt email address problem


 I see you just responded like PayPal automatic response and as well as the customer service representatives we have communicated with.