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Making a payment online


Making a payment online

I'm new to PayPal and I'm waiting on a payment to my account. When I receive it I plan on making a payment online. How do I go about doing so if the company doesn't have a "PayPal" option?
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Re: Making a payment online



If someone doesn't use PayPal, you can ask for an email address to send a PayPl payment to and when payment is sent, PayPal will shoot them an email notifying them that they have a payment to accept with instructions to register for a PayPal account to claim the money. If the money remains unclaimed after 30 days, it'll automatically be returned to your PayPal account. 


If the company has their own payment processor that accepts credit/debit cards without PayPal then you'll just have to go with that and withdraw your PayPal funds to your linked bank and use it to pay your card bill.

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Re: Making a payment online

Could I use PayPal as an e check to pay? I'm just trying to get it figured out. I don't have a bank acct right now.

Re: Making a payment online

Hi @Kmorgan2019!


We don't have an option to use your PayPal account as an eCheck, but we have some products that might help you! If you have one of our debit cards, you can use your PayPal balance anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. Here is an overview of our products:


I hope that this helps!