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Linked Credit Card account activity details

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Linked Credit Card account activity details

PayPal offers an account summary that appears to be only detail from linked bank accounts, not linked credit cards. Is there any way to get a detail of all linked credit card transactions, date, payee, amount, etc.?


For example, I shop a vendor's site where they offer payment through PayPal, I click on the link, choose a credit card that is linked to my account, the payment is made to a vendor and I'm on my way. Except that if I go back to PayPal and click on Activity, the transaction does not show up. The credit card shows the amount with a cryptic payee (for example: PAYPAL *KFJKS83CS). I would like to know who that is so that I can determine whether or not the purchase was tax deductible (I'm not a real good record keeper).

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