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Late Ebay Shipment = Never Being Paid


Late Ebay Shipment = Never Being Paid

I received an order on Ebay for a pair of basketball shoes, but unfortunately I was going through some rough times and I was procrastinating everything in my life. I finally got around to mailing the shoes after 2-3 weeks. Even though I was too lazy to actually pack the shoes and mail them, I still checked my PayPal account regularly and I would always see the money for the shoes still being withheld. When I finally got around to fulfilling his order I noticed that the funds were no longer anywhere to be seen. It was obvious that my delay contributed to the funds being returned, but I messaged the buyer anyways apologizing for my behavior and promising him that the shoes will be shipped off first thing in the morning. I assumed that once the buyer had received his order that the funds would reappear in my account without having a hold on them, but I was wrong. I never received payment, I even reached out to the buyer and he was shocked that I never got paid.




My question to the community is has this happened to anyone else? is there any hope that I will end being paid?