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Instructing Buyer about Payment


Instructing Buyer about Payment



Buyer makes offer.

I say I guess I Can do that with free shipping for $XX.

I send a counter-offer with a big note saying how rare the item is and a bigger number.

Buyer Accepts

Buyer says nothing for 2 days

I ask if theres any questions.

Buyer says they're angry because I changed the number and accepting it was a mistake.

I say ... OK then fine. (Because a negative comment will ruin everything, I'm new new new )

I call eBay to ask how I can change the offer price manually.

eBay says they can't. They also can't make a discount for it for enough money to take care of it.

eBay says "Take it down and list it again"

I say "No, that costs me money, you seriously can't change this??"

I suggest asking the Buyer to send payment to Paypal and I'll select "Payment received" manually.

eBay says "Yes thats fine"


I tell the Buyer to just pay $90 to my Paypal.

They come back saying they can't figure out how to adjust the price of the offer he has to pay on eBay.


Now I wish he would google it but can someone tell me how he can do this Payment?





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Re: Instructing Buyer about Payment



Send him a money request or invoice.

Or get him to go to send money > goods / services > put in your email address > put in amount > select currency and send.


The problem is that you may not be able to get each others email addresses as Ebay do not like you doing 'off Ebay' transactions and do not let you send email addresses via their message system.

Best ask on Ebay forums.



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