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Incoming payments from strangers then refund requests

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Incoming payments from strangers then refund requests

Twice this year I have received payments from strangers out of the blue. Both times they have then contacted me within hours to ask for a refund saying they had sent it to the wrong person. On the first occasion their was a fee deducted so I refunded less the fee and sent a screenshot to explain why. The second time no fee taken so just hit refund. Both time’s gave me high anxiety I was being defrauded but I couldn’t work out how, I then guessed that someone with a similar email address to me was giving their address with an error that resulted in my address so I asked the sender but they never responded. It appears no fraud was committed - I don’t appear to have lost any money and I didn’t hear from either sender again but I wonder if there is any way to stop this occurring again? I am not comfortable with unsolicited payments and resulting refunds on my account particularly where the situation of PayPal fee is in the mix.

Re: Incoming payments from strangers then refund requests

Ive had the same issue this week! They lodged a dispute which I authorised a refund and now review pending. Meanwhile I have had 3 messages from the person who sent the money requesting a refund. I'm not sure if its an automatic reversal by paypal once reviewed or if I'm supposed to send manually. As you say it seems a bit dodgy. Im happy to refund money thst isnt mine, but wary of it being sent twice! Not sure what the answer is, I went round in circles on paypal help site..just letting you know you arent alone 😊