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Impossible refilling of an account via bank wire

New Community Member

Impossible refilling of an account via bank wire

We hold a business account since 2011 and use it to pay thousands of collaborators. As part of our regular operations, we refill our PayPal account via bank wires, each in the range of 30-50K EUR. Unfortunately, during the last 3 weeks, PayPal has been suffering a technical problem and rejects any attempt to send money from a bank. I spoke several times with their customer service and they say they don't know when they will solve the problem. This means it could last for a month or more.

I find it unacceptable that a payment service can be down for 3 weeks without even providing an ETA for the fix. This is jeopardizing our operations and setting our company at risk of receiving several legal claims.

I kindly ask the community if any one found a way to bypass the problem. The solution can't be "refill with a credit card" as we need to send big amounts.

Thanks in advance,