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I’ve been hacked or frauded

New Community Member

I’ve been hacked or frauded

I’ve been charged a large amount which I currently don’t have from somewhere I’ve never seen before from across the world, I’ve changed my password and reported it but it’s already charged my account and now I’m in negative funds on my bank and don’t know what to do I tried calling PayPal but they are closed and by tommorow I’ll be charged due to not having funds. Why the hell is it an option to charge someone with not enough funds seriously deleting this ‘safe’ app

Re: I’ve been hacked or frauded

Hello! Fraud is really something to be concerned about. You'll find helpful information about the types of fraud and how to report it, just go to PayPal's Help Center. Please go to then click "Help" on the bottom left corner of the page and then just type the topic/key word/s on the search engine and it will show all related topic. If you have questions, clarifications or if you need further assistance, feel free to let us know and we will be more than happy to help. Thanks.