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I think I'm getting scammed...

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I think I'm getting scammed...

I put an item up for sale on Ebay, and someone contacted me to purchase it. They then asked me to purchase a gift card and send it with it and they would PayPal me the money. Then they needed me to buy another gift card. I got emails from Paypal, but they look a bit funny. I then got an email from Paypal asking me to buy a $200 Ebay gift card for processing fees. Does PayPal do this? Or is this obviously a scam?

Please help guys, any input is appreciated while I wait for paypal to get back to me.

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Re: I think I'm getting scammed...



SCAM, no funds in your balance = you have not been paid and never will be.

They just want those gift cards, you never need to send anything like that for paypal account issues.

Your buyer probably has a hijacked ebay account and will NOT pay via ebay checkout but send you fake paypal emails instead.

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