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I can't cancel a pending payment to someone


I can't cancel a pending payment to someone

So I sent a pending payment to someone and they said that they didn't accept echecks so I immediately tried to cancel the payment but I failed to find a cancel option within the activities so as of currently it is still in "Pending" category and I can't quite find an option to be able to cancel the option for me. I am also quite new to PayPal so if anyone knows why this is happening going on it would be much appreciated.
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Re: I can't cancel a pending payment to someone



You can't cancel a pending echeque, the seller may be able to refund it for you when completed but that would defeat the purpose really.

Where are you buying from, only sellers are expected to accept all types of paypal funded payments although they are supposed to await clearance of an echeque first.


Personally i would wait for it to clear and then if the seller does not send the item file for non receipt of item.

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