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I am not able to proceed with a payment


I am not able to proceed with a payment

I linked my bank account, made 1 payment to a friend. When I tried a 2nd payment it asks me to link an account (debit or credit). So I am not able to proceed because I don't want to link any more accounts.

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Re: I am not able to proceed with a payment



It is asking for a credit or debit card as back up so that PayPal can do an instant bank transfer instead of an eCheck. instant bank transfer is when PayPal fronts the money ahead to the recipient immediately and then waits for your bank payment to clear. if it doesn't clear, PayPal will charge your card. But be forewarned that PayPal will attempt to get paid twice from your bank and you could run the risk of NSFs before PayPal chargesyour card, so have enough funds or add funds quick to your bank in such cases.


Some merchants or users block the slow eChecks so if you're paying with bank account, the system will ask for a card as back up in order to complete transaction so the merchant/recipient can get funds faster.


If you're sending payment to the same person, maybe try waiting a day or two and try payment again with your bank account.


If problem persists, contact customer service;

Log on, click HELP on top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US.


Or contacting via social media:


Twitter: @AskPayPal

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Re: I am not able to proceed with a payment

I already havr a bank and a card linked and i have news. Paypal let me do a money send, but right after now is asking for a statement or/and (not sure which) a id pic... Next Ibet it's gonna ask which toilet paper I use. It's insane and my acc. is blocked/limited. I refuse to give any more data about me... At least, unless they pay me back.